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925 Silver Anxiety & Stress Relief Fidget Beads Ring

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Melissa D.


I have fallen in love with my ring. It is very helpful when I feel anxious. I would recommend this to all my friends and family.

This is one of our unique anxiety spinner rings. They are designed as anti anxiety rings by providing a focus point to calm the mind down. Science has proven that focusing in this manner can calm the mind and relief anxiety in the worst moments. Sometimes all it takes is a little fidget beads ring. The beads can rotate seemlessly by a light touch and this can serve as a great focal point to reduce anxiety and stress. The mesmerizing design also helps calm the mind, so one can focus more on breathing and relaxing.
Product Specifications:
  • Anti anxiety ring designed to calm the mind
  • Spinner rings can help focus the mind and calm down panic attacks
  • Fidgetting rings have been scientifically proven to help with anxiety
  • Open design - the ring size is adjustable to your finger
  • Handmade within our own factory
  • Material: 100% Certified 925 Sterling Silver
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